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MagyarBrands Innovation Award for XS-ALU

Botond Csősz, Development Engineer and Managing Director receives the award Every year, the award is [...]

The smallest CNC machine by Fenstek is on board

We want to contribute to society through sustainable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly window- and door systems.

Design wardrobe – Minimalistic Style

Moreover, aluminium wardrobes are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent option for [...]

Summer garden or winter garden

In the following article, we will compare aluminium winter gardens and summer gardens. We will [...]

Christmas special edition – or how our partition systems can make the holidays more comfortable

If you want an extra narrow industrial design door, choose the new XS-ALU range!

XS-ALU = XS noise – Results of our sound reduction test

Our product family, the Modulusz 50 door and partition wall building system, was tested for [...]

Something new is on its way…

Modulus is a very narrow door and partition system for minimalistic or industrial design lovers.

For public or private buildings

If you need an extra thin industrial design door, choose the new family of XS-ALU [...]

Our goal – Hungary’s first aluminium door- and window system!

We want to contribute to society through a sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly window and door [...]