Our goal – Hungary’s first aluminium door- and window system!

We share a specific goal with our partner companies:  to create and produce the best aluminium doors and windows for our customers, at an affordable price.

Maintenance-free windows shall save energy, add a touch of design, and let more light into our homes, working spaces or our children’s schools.

We want to contribute to society through sustainable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly window- and door systems.

We strongly believe that quality windows and doors should be available for everyone.

If you would like an extra thin industrial design door, choose the new product line of XS-ALU Systems. The Modulusz interior partitions and sliding door profiles are extruded from recycled aluminium to reduce carbon footprint. Compared to traditional building systems, they are constructed faster with less energy.

Instead of plasterboard walls (30-40 dB) or traditional doors, choose the soundproof Modulusz sliding doors and double-glazed interior partitions for your rooms.

XS-ALU Building Systems Kft.

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