MagyarBrands Innovation Award for XS-ALU

Botond Csősz, Development Engineer and Managing Director receives the award

Every year, the award is given to outstanding consumer, business and innovative brands operating in Hungary or founded by Hungarians. A total of 850 Hungarian brands were awarded in the 2023 edition, of which XS-ALU was among the top 150 innovative brands. The scoring system for this category is the strictest, so we are particularly proud to have won this award as a start-up.

The selection of companies for the MagyarBrands award is extremely complex: a brand can receive this recognition based on a multi-faceted analysis of its financial data and the unanimous assessment of consumers and experts. The prize is awarded on the basis of quantifiable criteria from among nearly 3,000 Hungarian brands submitted, supplemented by the decision of a voluntary committee of independent experts.

Innovation played a major role in the XS-ALU’s award win. The company is constantly working to create new and globally unique products that stand out in the market. Innovation focuses on providing solutions that are efficient, sustainable and personalised to user needs. In addition, one of the biggest challenges for our design team is to develop products with effective sound insulation, and our Modulus range has already proven this in laboratory tests.

The development of the year 2023 was our Radikal range of exterior windows and doors, which is unique due to its flush-closing design and concealed hardware. This makes its appearance truly exclusive. Its thermal and sound insulation is also outstanding.

CE testing of the products started this year. The EU Regulation MSZ EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010 covers the product standards for windows and entrance doors.

The use of the CE marking requires testing of the following essential parameters:

  • Air permeability MSZ EN 1026 : 2001
  • Water resistance MSZ EN 1027 : 2001
  • Wind resistance MSZ EN 12211 : 2001
  • Thermal transmittance (Uw) ISO 10077-1 : 2007
  • Acoustical sound insulation (dB) MSZ EN 10140-2 : 2011
  • Load-bearing capacity for windows and doors MSZ EN 14608 : 2004, MSZ EN 948 : 1999

We will share the results of these tests as soon as they are officially released.

The most important development in 2024 will be the assembly and testing of our fire door and glass wall system. More on this in our next article.

We are also open to all project-specific ideas. As a development company, we like challenges and creative solutions.

Our modern manufacturing facilities are critical to our development. Our machines with the latest technology offer significant advantages in terms of both capacity and quality. Such machines tend to operate more efficiently, reducing production time and costs. In addition, their precision makes it possible to produce better-quality products. However, it is important to note that the continuous improvement and maintenance of machinery and technology is essential to maintain efficiency and competitiveness in the long term. That’s why maintenance and technical support play a vital role in the successful operation of our manufacturing facilities.

XS-ALU takes a unique approach to product development, combining the latest technological advances with user feedback and ongoing research and development activities. Our developments range from the use of materials to design solutions. For example, the use of recyclable materials, lightweight yet strong structures and functional design.

All this contributes to our company becoming not just another brand in the market, but an innovative company that contributes to the development of the Hungarian economy and its international competitiveness with its forward-looking solutions and products. Thank you, MagyarBrands for the award!

A marketing video has also been created and can be viewed at the link below: