Top 10 benefits of aluminium windows and doors:

Why is aluminium the best choice for windows, doors and facades? Read about the top 10 benefits of aluminium as a building material.

Slim and contemporary

A pleasant side effect of the naturally slim sightlines aluminium windows is that they can illuminate spaces that otherwise appear shadowy. Fewer frames mean more glass; more glass lets more light into our home.

Lightweight and strong

By its very nature, aluminium has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that there’s less aluminium needed to withstand large amounts of glazing compared to alternative window materials. As a result, the contemporary style is successfully maintained, with less bulky frames and more generous glass surface areas.

Better thermal properties

Structures made from aluminium are weatherproof. For example, unlike steel, the strength of aluminium increases the colder it gets, whereas steel becomes brittle at low temperatures (below 0 °C). Furthermore, unlike UPVC, aluminium has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, so it does not expand much in hot weather either. This means that aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling can more than cope with extreme winter and summer temperatures.

Resistant to corrosion

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance window, aluminium is your choice. That’s because when aluminium comes into contact with air, a protective aluminium oxide layer immediately forms on the surface. This layer is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and acid rain and won’t be damaged by cleaning products. Unlike timber or UPVC frames, aluminium window frames won’t crack, split or warp over the years, whatever the weather. Protection from corrosion can be increased further by anodizing or powder coating the surface.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is up to 98% recyclable, and nearly 75 % of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Also, it only takes 5% of the original energy to recycle this material. But less energy for production does not mean that recycled aluminium products are cheaper than freshly engineered since selecting, cleaning, transporting and storing the used materials increases its re-production price.


Aluminium windows and doors have garnered a well-earned reputation for providing high levels of thermal retention, meaning that less energy is required to heat the home. This is most often due to aluminium windows’ ability to integrate subtle design elements such as a polyamide break and multi-chambered internal frames. To improve the thermal performance of your home, choose aluminium windows for excellent insulation.


Aluminium can be easily anodized or powder coated to give it a decorative smooth or textured finish. This means that aluminium windows and doors not only perform well but look fantastic too. You can flip through several glossy architectural magazines to agree that aluminium symbolizes contemporary architecture. Furthermore, since this material is flexible, manufacturers can bend it into any shape, size, and thickness depending on your home’s décor.

Low maintenance

As mentioned earlier, aluminium windows do not suffer from rust or discolouration. Unlike other materials, swelling, cracking, and rotting are simply not possible. Therefore, caring for them is both cheap and quick.

Passive fire resistant

Aluminium is non-combustible, and its melting temperature is about 660 °C. It provides weight savings compared with steel, and you get cost savings in installation and maintenance. The intelligent aluminium profile design and appropriate passive fire-protected glazing enable narrow-style fire-retardant doors, fixed partitions, and lightweight structures.

Easy to manufacture

Products like ours have few components, are easy to build, cheaper to transport and modularly compatible with each other. LogiKal fenestration software makes it easy to design, estimate, and produce doors, windows, and curtain walls of all types and sizes. In addition, we use click-connect joints, which help the manufacturer to build our products much faster.