Our in-house development guarantees our uniqueness

Chapter 4: software development for manufacturing plants, templates, CNC programs and marketing materials for resellers.

Chapter 5: videos, advertising, product demonstrations at exhibitions, BIM file creation and marketing.

Together with our partner companies, we aim to design and manufacture environmentally friendly aluminium doors and windows for our customers at affordable prices.

New products - under development

EI30 or EI60 fire-resistant glazed aluminium door and glass wall system.

Outdoor Radikal 74/81 minimalist single-plane closing window and door system.

Pivot or vertical axis 50mm door system, mainly designed for indoor use.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or in the comments. Our email address is: info@xs-alu.com.

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The smallest CNC machine by Fenstek is on board

We want to contribute to society through sustainable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly window- and door systems.

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