The smallest CNC machine by Fenstek is on board

We have received our first CNC 4-axis profile milling machine, the CMC3-1200 produced by Fenstek. Among the Fenstek machines we sell, this is the smallest aluminium milling machine.

Based on our experience so far, despite its small size, the precision of this compact machine is outstanding. Besides, it is the best value-for-money CNC copying machine on the market (from 15.000 Euro net! Contact us for a quote!)

Below are the main features of the product:

  • Suitable for Aluminum, PVC, and other light metal material processing
  • Completes milling, drilling, grooving and other multifunctional precisely in one time
  • The 4th axis with pneumatic positioning -90°/0°/+90° (optional 45° milling function is also possible) allows machining of door profiles, e.g. locking points, with a single feed
  • Efficient machining range: 1200*120*120 mm
  • High-quality components and electronics
  • Steady robust body
  • Touch-screen control unit in English
  • The latest version of the system: 4-core 4Gb memory, fast & smooth operation
  • Additional Support table for extended profile processing
  • 400 mm high protective cover for safe operation (automatic)

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