Christmas special edition – or how our partition systems can make the holidays more comfortable

Christmas is here… At large family gatherings and cookouts, we often find that the smell of festive dishes fills the whole house. Some of us love the intense aroma of roast duck, fish or braised red cabbage, but others are bothered by it. For those, we offer a perfect solution: our glazed partitioning system. It can be helpful if you want to separate the kitchen from the living room or to close off the living room from, for example, a corridor or staircase. Another benefit of our partitioning system is that it brightens up the room. It gives a modern, chic style without narrowing the space. Furthermore, our Modulus 50 system not only locks out unpleasant odours but also noise, which can be a great help for a family with small children, for instance. You can read about our soundproofing results here:

Christmas is usually accompanied by the arrival of hard, minus temperatures. Our other product, the Solaris 3-season glazed patio system, also benefits us during the winter months. How? By creating an extra room or glazing your terrace to provide better insulation from the cold. We can order Solaris with additional profiles between the glass panels, so we can even sit outside for a hot cup of tea on a sunny winter day. And the winter will pass quickly; then, when the sun shines a little more in spring, we can take advantage of the benefits of an enclosed terrace system.

Hereby, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The XS-ALU team

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