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Some of the machines we offer

Whether for window, door or façade fabrication, the Emerald F260, with processing lengths of 7.0 meters or excess lengths in double working zones, with 3-sided processing, serves almost every task in the fenestration fabrication with its 4-axis gantry type CNC.


  • Suitable for aluminium profile and other light alloys, as well as UPVC profile processing
  • 4-axis machining, with a head axis from 90 ° to -90 ° at any position
  • Completes milling, drilling, flexible tapping, grooving, steel drilling (within 3 mm) and other multi-functional precisely in one time
  • Profiles hold by automatic precision clamps to avoid profile damage
  • Smooth motion via high-precision HIWIN linear guideways, PMI ball screws, APEX racks and YASKAWA servo motor
  • High-quality automatic tool change with 9-tool magazine
  • Double working areas for quicker processing, milling one after another, interactive feeding with non-interference
  • Multiple safety protection devices to ensure operator safety
  • Included UPS & AC for protecting the operation system
  • Automatic processing with optional CamQuix software and ERP with code scanning
  • Gantry type structure for high stability and rigidity
  • Included UPS & AC for protecting the operation system

It is a versatile, automatic cutting centre with a barcode generator for quick and easy workflow. For automatic cutting of aluminium and UPVC profiles at 45° and 90° angles.


  • Adopted Schneider controlling system with a high degree of automation
  • Quick cutting within 15 seconds
  • Feeding is controlled by three servo motors
  • Profile automatic identification
  • Automated bar code print for easy production management
  • High stability Schneider servo motors control for Y-axis blade movement
  • One person operation for labour optimization
  • High production efficiency with automatic feeding, up to 9 profiles at a time
  • Automated waste collection equipped with chip removal
  • AirTac pneumatic components to ensure long time performance

Automatic double-headed 550mm mitre saw CNC machine for cutting aluminium, UPVC or composite profiles.


  • Automatic height measuring device to reduce height errors for precise cutting lengths
  • High machining accuracy: integrated casting table, good rigidity, high precision spindle saw blade motor
  • Unique feeding system assures high-quality cutting results
  • 360mm short material cutting function
  • Equipped with manual angle adjusters for each 2.2KW motor
  • Automated waste collection: unique chip removal design to ensure the tidy operation
  • Cutting range: 360 to 5000mm, 45 to 90-degree angle
  • The machine is built with a high-quality gear rack drive for speedy and high repeat positioning accuracy
  • PLC servo motor and Schneider servo drive assure long lifetime performance
  • Equipped with a touchscreen for easy operation
  • Automatic processing with optional CamQuix software and ERP with code scanning

CNC copy routing machine


  • Advanced industrial CNC 3-axis profile machining system
  • Suitable for Aluminum, PVC, and other light metal material processing
  • Completes milling, drilling, grooving and other multi-functional precisely in one time
  • Worktable with pneumatic positioning -90°/0°/+90°(optional 45-degree milling function is also available)
  • Efficient machining range: 1200*120*120 mm
  • High-quality components and electronics
  • Stable, robust body
  • Linux operating platform (English)
  • The latest version of the system: 4-core 4Gb memory, fast & smooth operation
  • Additional Support table for extended profile processing
  • 400 mm high protective cover for safe operation (automatic)

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